Saturday, October 24, 2015

My Korean Beauty Haul :) - Review

Finally! Here I am again! so excited to show you guys what I had purchase online this month. :) I just received my parcel last week and I've been waiting for this because this is my first time to use some Korean beauty products. *Happy me!! Lol. I just want to make sure that I try the products first for a couple of days to know if my skin will get use to it or to check if I will might get some sort of allergies on the products before I make a review, because I don't like to say to the people that it is so damn good, nice blah blah blah without even trying it right?.. :) 
This is the box and I was so amazed how they put all the products in that Lol!
Anyway, The result is absolutely amazing! its good on my skin and I must say that I really like it a lot. I cannot say anything bad about it! so guys you must try it also! I ordered it to iamlove-shop at ebay and Iamlove-shop has good reputation in ebay. Prices is quite affordable, has wide range of products, stock and some uncommon brands too. I don't actually remember anything about the shipping time and I'm not a type of person who is concious about it haha as long as my item arrive to me safe and good it doesn't matter at all Lol!. Oh! btw they also send some free samples so just in case you might like it :) other products.
This is how it looks like when I opened the box, I'm impress with all the samples. 

Actually, I will just call it a small "cutiepatotie" mini Korean beauty haul since I only purchase few things online :P I bought House Sweet Recipe Cupcake, Dear Girls Lipbalm from Etude House and pore tightening serum by The Face shop because my pores nowadays in my face is driving me soo damn crazy! argh! then, I got White Seed Whitening Toner because seriously I have uneven skin tone on my face hahaha so when I saw this hmmm why not give it a try! The Velvet Skin Primer and Single Blush is from The Face Shop

The Pore Tightening serum is one of my favourite right now. I'm happy that I found it and tested it! I have a very bad pores on my face and some pimples too esp if I have my period! they started to pop-up like a mushroom on my face!! and I had tried so many products and this one is the only one I say that I really like!.Its so refreshing and does not leave any sticky feeling on your face which I don't like on some other well known brands. It doesn't smell bad at all :) I use it at night before I go to bed and once you use it after washing your face at night, it makes your face more relaxed and soft. I know it contains little alcohol and if you have a very sensitive skin you might get little stingy feeling!(It does work on me but if you have sensitive skin .. think a little ;) ) 

Dear Girls Lip balm of Etude is somewhat just like an ordinary lipbalm in the market. It does moisturised your lips so well and leave a really shiny look on you lips. It taste not bad and It smell soo fruity. I use it nowadays because it soon winter time and my lips is sooo damn chapped and peeling!  It helps a lot :) when it comes to moisturising thing! :D

Velvet Skin Primer of The Face Shop is a big YES! If you have an oily skin like me and sometimes, we have this problem right? like some foundation or any kind of cream we are using is keeps on settling on those little unsightly flakes line in our nose hahaha just like a pile of foundation lines everywhere! somewhat frustrating right?! Well, this primer comes to the rescue! In just a small amount of the product on your face and it will leave a smooth surface and fix unwanted flakes :). The texture is light, no smell at all, comes with small bottle pump dispenser for an easier use.

White Seed Toner by The Face Shop is amazing! :) I am super happy with this product. It really help my skin little brighter and removes all my unwanted pigmentation I got last Summer Lol! I have good skin tone right now after using it. It does work really well removing acne scars too and also help in minimising your white-heads!. You must try it guys! highly recommended. Smell good and easy to apply with the pump dispenser.

Single Blush by The Face is not that appealing to me :( yeah! maybe because I'm much more into a liquid blusher than a powder one. But the product is not that bad actually! Its very compact but it does not include any applicator when you purchase it so you need to use your other blusher applicator. Its good sheer colour that fits on a day light make-up or summer colour and not as dramatic as the liquid one that gives you hard time applying it Lol!.  

Last! is this cute little fellah! Etude House Recipe Cupcake All Over Color, I want it as my display and not for my personal use hahaha joke! It looks like a little toy for me but I like it. The product say that you can use it as a blush, lips and eyes!.. but never ever I have try to use it in my eyes and lips Lol. Its kinda strange for me to use it on my lips and then use is as an eye shadow then a cheek blush hahaha. But if you find it more multi tasking product then well it go! :). I like the smell, like the packaging and the sheer colour of it. I wound't recommend it for those people who doesn't like the shade of lighter pastel because its really challenging to apply it as a blush because its varies on different type of skin tones. The packaging is really girly!
Overall! the sample is amazing! I haven't try any of the cream samples but the face mask is already gone! :D I'm really satisfied with the store and all the products. I must say that I will keep browsing and browsing again on ebay haha and come up on new products' review again :)  Try Korean products guys!

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