Sunday, December 7, 2014

Sweden: I got my Personal Number/Personnummer

Welcome to Sweden (Välkommen till Sverige)
It's been two months now since I left and kiss goodbye to my family and friends back home and I can't imagine how time flies so fast. I can still remember my first day in Sweden year 2010 where everything is so different from my home country, everything is so new to me :). Travelling alone was a new experience, and I was so scared and nervous as it was my first time abroad. Anyway, I'm so happy to be back again after my last year visit. Spending time with my husband   now is so priceless :) He is my number one priority as of now.

Aside of planning out to go to school this year, my husband told me that I need to have my Personal number/Personnummer first. They say once you moved and live in Sweden you must apply for your Personal Number that enable you to unlock your new world haha :) because without it you can't do anything, without it is impossible to do the most important task like going to the doctor or hospital, attending to school, finding a job or even opening your personal bank account. Amazing right? I wonder how important it is!!! that tiny little number will surely makes a difference and rock your life :)

Anyway, let me tell you guys first what is Personal number/Personnummer. Swedish Personal number is a unique identification number that is based on your birth date and will remain the same for your entire life in Sweden. This number allows you to become part of the Swedish system and serve as your personal identification. So when you received your residence permit you are required to register with the Swedish Tax Agency or Skatteverket. This population registration which everyone living in Sweden must register for to be entered into the system as a tax-paying resident.

Visit this site for info--- CLICK HERE

My husband and I went to Skattverket in Vänersborg last month to apply for my personal number with all my surprise it was fast and easy transaction :). I armed myself with confidence and documents and whola!! everything run so smooth :). They gave me a form to fill in and asked for a copy of my passport, marriage certificate, residence card and ID's. They say it takes up to week but for me it only count 3 days and I got my result. I received a mail from them and guess what!! this was the very FIRST ever letter I got since I move to Sweden with my name written on it was a good feeling...hihi :)
My first ever letter :)
I know this is only just a start :) So guys, make sure you are updated and aware of everything surrounds you. Know your rights and duty as a new citizen in a foreign country. Sabi nga nila kelangang maging matapang, mausisa at matibay ang loob :) hehehe  so until next time... back to school!!!! :)

DISCLAIMER: This is only based on my experiences and my little knowledge that I gained through out the years. Remember that the results is always depend on your particular situation, the time prior to applying/time-frame/ decisions are varies as long as you meet all the criteria they need. All opinions are honest and my own! Feel free to ask question and no complicated question please. I try my best to answer you back :)

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