Wednesday, December 27, 2017


Hello Guys! So today I'm sharing with you the lovely gifts I got for Christmas, Yup! I know I'm early today LOL! But I'm just so excited to share!! so bare with me guys! hehe😘 Anyway highway! I know I was a very lucky girl this year (not to mention that I recently got my Swedish Citizenship early this month plus I got my dream bag as my birthday gift last August) and now receiving all this Christmas gifts (picture above) was an amazing feeling. I got so many fantastic items that I really love and I can't wait to share it with you guys!.

Fluffy Pink Slipper - I got these super fluffy baby pink slipper  from my mother in law. I really like this one. So comfy to wear especially now is winter.

Flicker Flame less Ivory Candle - I also got these battery operated candles from my mother in law. She knows that I really like to have one of this because I always say that I'm planning to buy some decorations a Candle holder in Ikea. (so now, I don't have to buy real candles) LOL Crystal Edp - I got this Crystal Perfume from my father in law and I have never tried any perfume from this brand (this is the first time). I like the smell of it and the bottle looks neat and simple. The scent is somewhat flowery with the hint of citrus. 

Soda/Bubble Maker - This soda maker is a gift from my father in law and he also include two more extra bottles and Co2 for us. If you don't know what is Soda/Bubble Maker is? It is a machine you can use at home to make your own carbonated water/soda. If you enjoying drinking cola, soda, or sparkling water this machine is good for you. You can also buy in store some flavorings for you drinks. I know Matthias will going to use this more often than me LOL.

Choklad Drömmar/ Chocolate Cookies - This yummy cookies is from my hubby LOL. I know it's kinda weird that he gave me this sweetness food  instead of some fancy gifts but I really love it beside its good for fika (merienda)! 

Lot of Chocolates (Merci, Nestle, Paradis, Ferrerro, Cloetta Bridge) - Got a variety of chocolates from them. What a happy tooth for me 😊 hehe. It is tradition here in Sweden to give your love ones some sweet chocolates this Christmas that is why i got ton of it! hahaha. Who wouldn't say no to this overload sweetness!!

Pandora Castle & Crown Charm - Last but not least, my hubby gave me this Pandora castle charm 😊. I told him that I wanted a new charm for my bracelet because it's been a long time since I bought a new one on my collection. I'm happy because I never thought he would buy me this small charm. I only wanted the cheaper one but this is absolutely not in my list but anyway I'm so grateful and happy hihihi. Can you imagine that this small charm has a 14ct gold crown with pink zirconia jewel underneath. I will cry if I lost this one hahahaha.

That's all guys!!😊  I hope you all had an amazing Christmas guys! - I can't believe it's already over, it seemed to come and go in the blink of an eye. I always get really sad when it's all over as its my favourite time of the year. So for now I will eat all my goodies and enjoy my gifts hehehe. I hope you all received some lovely gifts this Christmas too! what were your favourite presents? tell me? hehehe

Till next time guys!!!

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