Thursday, July 27, 2017


Yves Rocher is a well known French cosmetic brand and they have wide range of different skin care product which I have been trying to use for the past month now 😊. My order from them arrived a few days ago and I am really excited to show you guys what I've got!

I am extremely pleased with my order and as you all know Yves Rocher give lots of freebies if you purchase to them. I only purchase five items that cost only around 350kr/free shipping. Shampoo,hair oil,green tea shower gel,nail polish and the lip gloss.

Here is everything that I got πŸ˜Š!

I got free Ultra Volume Sexy pulp Mascara, one Marron Glace lipstick,scarf, a bag with phone case and a scarf πŸ˜Š

I choose the reparation / nutri-repair shampoo because my hair is so so damage to the highest level, full of split-ends and brittle. This shampoo says it silicon free which is good! I don't necessarily have dandruff however my scalp is super dry and my hair tend to get more brittle and damage because I use lukewarm water when showering (what do u to expect! I lived in cold place Sweden) LOL. I also get the green tea Shower gel, I dunno! i just get it! ;) I love πŸ’œ the smell of green tea :) 
How cute the lid of this bottle 😊
I also get this concentrated oil with babassu (I really don't now what babassu is! LOL) jojoba and macadamia on it. It also say silicon free!

Freebies are Mascara and Lipstick. I love the nail polish and I already swatches it :) 

bear with my cute little nails
I can't wait to try it all out specially the green tea shower gel because i really love the smell of green tea!! :) If there is anything from my haul that you would like me to give a review on just let me know :)


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